Fair Warning - Best And More

Fair Warning - Best And More

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(CD, SPV, 2012)

FAIR WARNING is one of the finest AOR/Hard Rock band in Europe with six full length albums full of melodies plus four live-recordings. I strongly believe that FAIR WARNING have something different o give in every album. Their music is full of dynamic riffs, Tommy Heart’s warm voice and a killer rhythm section soaked in Rock aesthetics. I don’t think there is a single soul out there who has not listened to at least one FAIR WARNING like “Burning Heart”, “Angels Of Heaven”, “Save Me” or their lovely ballads “All On Your Own”, “Long Gone” and “Angel Of Dawn” and hasn’t sang along the chorus lines.

This ‘best of’ compilation is a perfect pick for everyone who loves melodic Hard Rock. Plus I think this release has the perfect timing for the band and in fact this is the first one during the most successful career. In the song list, one will find great songs as “Angels Of Heaven”, “Save Me”, “All On Your Own”, “I’ll Be There”, “The Way You Want It” and “Come On” (from the “Go!” album).  From their glorious self-titled album there are “Longing For Love”, “When Love fails” and “Long Gone” while from the excellent “Four” the list features “Heart On The Run” and “I Fight”. Obviously there is no point to mention the origin of every track but it’s worth to mention that most of them come from the “Go!” while visiting the rest of the albums with at least two  tracks from each. There are also songs from the live recorded “Talking Ain’t Enough”, “Live And More”, “Live In Japan” and “Live At home”. My personal picks from these recordings are “Burning Heart”, “Meant To Be”, “Out Of The Night”, “Like A Rock”, “The Call Of The Heart” and “Out On The Run”.  There is also a cover on Elvis Presley’s “Rock N Roll” that I feel has brought more energy to the original version.

Well, this compilation is a must-buy for the collectors and a must-have too for the lovers of melodic Hard Rock. Who can say 'no' to thirty two tracks, full of guitar driven melodic Hard Rock, sing along choruses and excellent solos?





CD 1:
01. Burning Heart
02. Save Me
03. All On Your Own
04. Longing for Love
05. When Love Fails
06. Angels of Heaven
07. Out on the Run
08. Don’t Give Up
09. Long Gone
10. Generation Jedi
11. Don’t Keep Me Waiting
12. Still I Believe
13. Heart on the Run
14. Here Comes the Heartache
15. I’ll Be There
16. I Fight
17. The Way You Want It

CD 2:
01. Rock n’ Roll
02. A Little More Love
03. Come On
04. The Heart of Summer
05. Angel of Dawn
06. The Call of the Heart
07. Rain Song
08. Like a Rock
09. Out of the Night
10. Meant to Be
11. Don’t Count on Me
12. Just Another Perfect Day
13. Light in the Dark
14. Man On the Moon
15. Children’s Eyes


Tommy Heart - Vocals
Helge Engelke - Guitars
Ule W. Ritgen - Bass
C.C. Behrens - Drums