Nephelium - Coils Of Entropy

Nephelium - Coils Of Entropy

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(CD, Private, 2012)

If you go through NEPHELIUM’s bio, you will surely stop and read twice the band’s origin. Yep, Dubai is nowhere to be found in the Metal album releases map so this is expected to draw the listener’s attention even before hitting the play button. In reality the band was formed in Dubai in the 90s before moving in Toronto, Canada and eventually getting a solid lineup. After all there is not much a Metal band can do in Dubai, isn’t it?

In an attempt to avoid being soft with NEPHELIUM due to their rare ancestry I gave “Coils Of Entropy” more than the usual CD spins and get my opinion as unbiased and solid as possible (yes, a personal opinion can never be 100% unbiased but you get my drift here). So, after spending more than enough time with this album I can state right from the start that “Coils Of Entropy” features solid Death Metal in the style nowadays we like to call old-school. To tell you the truth I never understood this term and there are times that I get annoyed when someone uses it to say something is good. Wake up people, some young bands are able to produce good music without sounding old.

What I really liked with NEPHELIUM are the striking references to DEATH’s “Spiritual Healing” era. And this means tight drumming, deep growls and most of the times sophisticated guitar leads like those DEATH used back in those days and changed the direction of Death Metal. Sometimes the tempo is fast and brutal enough for the band to touch the Grindcore sound as the vocals deliver that some characteristic high-pitched screams. To my understanding this works just fine and in some extent add points towards diversity that I have to admit it’s rare in this genre. Take for example “Merciless Annihilation” where the double bass drum and the guttural vocals and down tuned guitars reminded of the old MORBID ANGEL with a pinch of SIX FEET UNDER. Don’t tell me that this combination is not temping especially if you like your Metal served with hearty doses of brutality. It’s true that the sound production is not top-notch but is not the over-compressed one and feels in-your-face and pretty raw. The highest point of this album is the 10 minutes of “Coils Of Entropy” that really shines via the extremely good lead guitar work and the many changes proving that his band has really strong composing potential.

There is no doubt that everyone who is out here seeking from fresh blood in this scene can check NEPHELIUM out and be prepared to give more CD spins in order to sense all the music tastes presented here. I am really anxious to see how this band will evolve and who what the Canadian air will affect their playing...





01. Burial Ground
02. Merciless Annihilation
03. Hellborne
04. Malediction
05. Halls Of Judgement
06. Coils Of Entropy


Alan Madhavan - Drums
Alex Zubair - Guitars
Florian Ravet - Bass
James Sawyer - Guitars
Boyan Guerdjikov - Vocals