Routes - Land Of Holy Dope

Routes - Land Of Holy Dope

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(CD, Private, 2012)

Every editor has his own personal way of writing reviews; for some this has become a routine while for others it is a more mystical process. I belong to the second group having specific ways to listen and write the review. For a Stoner album some editors, choose either whisky or bourbon or something more psychedelic to mentally and emotionally, connect with the music and help them travel those deserted pathways. I have a different approach, I love Stoner as much as I love Symphonic and Gothic Metal and I also have a way to get on that amazing trip that a good Stoner band offers; believe me, “Land Of Holy Dope” is a motherfucking awesome album. What I did is this: I called my f-buddy and told her if she was in to an album review. Also I asked her if she could bring her girlfriend too. Tequila was freezing in the fridge, the girls were hot and ready so I pushed play to start the “review”.

ROUTES are... Greeks? Oh my f-God!! Yep, they are Greeks and this album is one of the best Stoner Rock albums I have heard in years, plus it’s a great soundtrack for an awesome 'f'. And that was the point for the threesome; the more intense the sex, the better the album. Ok, this could be the lost album of KYUSS or MONSTER MAGNET, it’s a psychedelic trip through a haze of powerful guitars and awesome vocals. This album will take you back to the simpler and amazing days when being a metalhead or a Hard rocker had nothing to do with all this presumptuous life style feed that our beloved scene is filled with. When the suffix -core was something you pissed on and when Stoner music was “Superjudge”,   “Blues For The Red Sun” and “Jug Fulla Sun”... ROUTES have taken all these, mixed it up and created something that is revolutionary; they play exactly as if they come from the past and attack us with a fusion of psychedelic and Stoner Rock that will blow you to a purple heaven where angels  pole-dance in a club called Hell. This album could easily be part of the “From Dusk Till Dawn” movie soundtrack.

Blues, Heavy Metal, Stoner Rock guitars mixed with distortion and awesome noise that gets dirtier the deeper you travel through the songs. A trained ear will instantly recognize the influences from which they took lessons and what an amazing student they are. ROUTES should send this album to MONSTER MAGNET to remind them what fun it used to be and how much more fun it can become. ROUTES use their influences in an immaculate way, their music crafting is second to none and they have little to envy from other more known bands. Of course, the main theme of the songs revolves around getting high and some “good” hearted people might say that it’s a little childish, but who cares, the music is solid, guitars shred the air with amazing distortion, the base is a lethal weapon and the drumming is an explosive staccato that combines into a explosive album.

This album brings back the good old days, the all or nothing days and isn’t just for the fans of the genre; “Land Of Holy Dope” should be in all album collections and especially the Greek Metal fans’ one.





01. Maryjuane And The Kingdom Comes
02. A Million Pills
03. Purple Coyote
04. Hit The Ground
05. Fine
06. The Great Green Potatoe
07. Help Me Doctor To Get High
08. Tractor Cat


Tasos - Noise
Teo - Drums
Antonis - Lead Guitar, Vocals
James - Rhythm Guitars
George - Bass