Pharaoh - Bury The Light

Pharaoh - Bury The Light

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(CD, Cruz Del Sur Music, 2012)

PHARAOH come from USA, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania playing Heavy Metal. They have released three full length albums and “Bury The Light” is their fourth. The band was founded in 1997 and among the releases there is also one EP and the contribution to a CORONER tribute.

While listening to PHARAOH’s new album, I once again notice the differences between the European and the US Power Metal sound. These are totally different but still everyone treat them like they are alike. The US version of Power Metal feels more like straightforward  Heavy Metal with a traditional way of song-writing and production. PHARAOH walk on this US labeled path but also bear a personal style which is very important for bands of this Metal genre. As the album flows, bands like JAG PANZER, HELSTAR, ARMORED SAINT and of course RIOT (Mark R.I.P.) will come to mind, and that’s good news. “Bury The Light” seems like it was written back in the mid ‘80’s reminding the old and teaching the young how Heavy/Power Metal sounded. The chorus points towards the British Metal of JUDAS PRIEST, while the guitar leads bow in front ARMORED SAINT and IRON MAIDEN especially with the solid bass lines that go hand-in-hand with the excellent drumming. The Thrash and melodic Metal addition wraps up this awesome package that is delivered under the old-school US Power Metal genre. Tracks like “Cry”, “The Wolves”, “The Year Of The Blizzard”, “The Spider’s Thread”, “Graveyard Of Empires” and “Burn With Me” are my favorites and I could easily include them in an old school Metal party playlist.

Well, I recommend “Bury The Light” to everyone who likes Power Metal.





01. Leave Me Here To Dream
02. The Wolves
03. Castles In The Sky
04. The Year Of The Blizzard
05. The Spider’s Thread
06. Cry
07. Graveyard Of Empires
08. Burn With Me
09. In Your Hands


Chris Kerns - Bass
Chris Black - Drums
Matt Johnsen - Guitars
Tim Aymar - Vocals