Lee Small - Jamaica Inn

Lee Small - Jamaica Inn

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(CD, Escape Music, 2011)

Not enough time after the comeback SHY album was released with Lee Small on the vocals, the British singer double strikes with his new solo album. I always admired this man’s voice, be it the PHENOMENA sessions or the (more) recent SURVEILLANCE’s “Angelstation” CD (2006). Lee has a steel timbre, clean and distinct and at times he resembles to the magnificent voice of Glenn Hughes, meaning he can sound rock, Funk, or groovy at the same time or where needed the most. I do not know if Small had released any other solo albums in the past, not to forget.

“Jamaica Inn” sounds Caribbean as a title and the album’s sound does not stay that distant either. To expand: the album is a Rock piece without crossing any AOR Hard Rock borders. It has a smooth Blues vibe and does take the Funk road too. The production is crystal clear and the guitars work is velvet and steamy, both in the rhythm and solo parts. There’s not any sign of boredom here; we could describe the CD as a piece of chill-out bluesy Rock music, now thinking again. I did imagine some of Eric Clapton or Phil Collins or Glenn Hughes adding to the tracklist’s atmosphere if invited, to give you a brief idea.

The voice of Lee Small signs in this release. He’s ultra melodic and sanitary while he does expose a great level of sentimental singing too. There’s no ‘hit’ songs in this album; the CD is consistent and has its own sequence. You’ll love it as a soundtrack for your lunar moments at home or at the sea side. It’s an artistic collection of songs presented here and it should be treated as such for maximum pleasure. Far away from the Hard Rock or Heavy Metal likes, it still starts a fire.

P.S.: The final track sees an accordion sample rendition of a famous KANSAS song. Clever...





01. Jamaica Inn
02. The Captain’s Quarters
03. Black Bess
04. Walk The Plank
05. Shine A Light
06. Dead Man Walking
07. Voyager
08. I am The Sea
09. Smuggler’s Blues
10. Waiting For The Hangman
11. End Of The Road
12. The Renegade Accordion Player


Lee Small - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Carl Anthony Wright - Guitars
Des Sherwood - Guitars
Paul Bradder - Keyboards
Imre Daun - Drums
Martin Kronlund - Guitars