Cynic - Carbon Based Anatomy

Cynic - Carbon Based Anatomy

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(CD, Season Of Mist, 2011)

I remember the shock I got when I first listened to “Focus” since I am a fan of DEATH. After many auditions of this album, I still wonder how the hell they composed such a brilliant album. Their 2007 reunion was a great surprise for everyone and since then they’ve released “Traced In Air”, “Retraced” and a DVD recorded at ‘Hoven Festival’, Norway.

CYNIC in 2011 is almost a question; I mean what can one expect from musicians like Reinert, Masdival and Malone? Well the answer is pretty simple; an impressive music clocking 23 minutes. When a band consists of musicians like Reinert and Masdival who have played to GORDIAN KNOT and of course, DEATH then the quality of the outcome is guaranteed. Sean Malone became known with GORDIAN KNOT and is responsible for the great bass lines. This release is dedicated to Robert Venosa (1936-2011). After all CYNIC always use Venosa paintings in the cover artwork.

How is it possible to describe “Carbon Based Anatomy”? The compositions are atmospheric and in times lean towards Post Rock sound with and strong melodies. On this album, Reinert and Masdival explore new horizons beyond the progressive standards breaking new grounds, presenting an amazing result. I strongly believe that this EP is kind of a risky move by the band and it seems like a love/hate situation. It’s difficult listening to this music, when you consider the past work of the band members. Don’t dream of Progressive Metal riffs; this EP escapes the progressive trap. After many auditions one will understand that this music has no limits, no direction signs and of course no pre-defined recipes. “Carbon Based Anatomy” is an amazing release and I am sure that Chuck Schuldiner would be very proud of these guys music evolution.





01. Amidst The Coals
02. Carbon Based Anatomy
03. Bija!
04. Box Up My Bones
05. Elves Beam Out
06. Hieroglyph


Sean Reinert - Drums, Keyboards
Paul Masdival - Vocals, Guitars
Sean Malone - Bass