Anvil - Monument Of Metal: The Very Best Of Anvil

Anvil - Monument Of Metal: The Very Best Of Anvil

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(CD, The End Records, 2011)

It is true that it took a movie and less than a year for ANVIL to get the recognition they deserved for spending three decades in the discography and onstage at small clubs and some big arenas. This is also sad since a band should become famous only through music, but sometimes people need something different to catch their attention. What we all have to acknowledge to these crazy Canadians is the fact they did not sat upon this success but got on the road to play live as much as possible, backed up by a great album. Meanwhile, some vinyl re-releases are on the way, so it is kind of expected to have a ‘best of’ compilation out there to present the band to all the young fans and maybe re-introduce it to some old ones.

The album contains the re-recorded versions of “Metal On Metal”, “Winged Assassins” and “School Love” that as strange as it may sound I like them a lot. I know that all those old school lovers will have trouble swallowing these polished versions but they should also keep in mind that the production have done justice to this great tunes plus Lips sounds absolutely fantastic even though his voice is not as high pitched as it was in the 80s. Especially, “Winged Assassins” sounds killer with great finger bass work and a solid rhythm section that proves why ANVIL is the band who broke many boundaries back in those days and gave birth to new branches in the Metal scene like Speed Metal. Just pay close attention to the riff work to see what I am talking about.

Even though I do not like compilations and I only get those that can make my life easier while traveling, since I do not have to pack many CDs, having all the hits in one disc is always a good reason to buy a ‘best of’. With this one, there is a big difference; the tracklist does not feature only hit songs. In fact, seven out of 19 tracks are the setlist-songs, while the rest are from “Juggernaut Of Justice” and from albums that have not been on the spotlight. And this is why I recommend this one to everyone who hasn’t seen past the three golden ANVIL albums that helped getting Canada into the great Metal map. Songs like “Bottom Feeder”, “No One To Follow” (great riffs and lyrics) or the almost Thrasher “Park That Truck” (kudos to Robb for his heavy drumming) will surely make you wonder why the hell this band remained in the dark all these years and it had to be a movie to draw some attention (actually the book is light years better).

If you don’t know ANVIL or worse, you just know them by the movie, get this compilation and put in your bucket list the following: 1) see ANVIL live, 2) get the vinyl edition of the first three albums and 3) check as many albums from the rest of the discography. If you follow these steps then you will get a chance to be forgiven for missing this great band. As for all the ANVIL pounders all around, please stay true and heavy and keep supporting bands like ANVIL. Fucken Eh!





01. Metal On Metal
02. Winged Assassins
03. 666
04. Thumbhang
05. School Love
06. Heat Sink
07. March Of The Crabs
08. Plenty Of Power
09. Mothra
10. Sins Of The Flesh
11. Jackhammer (live)
12. Juggernaut Of Justice
13. No One To Follow
14. Mad Dog
15. Bottom Feeder
16. Race Against Time
17. American Refugee
18. Fire In The Night
19. Park That Truck


Robb Reiner - Drums
Steve "Lips" Kudlow - Guitars, Vocals
Glenn Five - Bass, Vocals