Smohalla - Resilience

Smohalla - Resilience

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(CD, Arx Productions, 2011)

Since the winter season has come, at least in the North hemisphere, I think it is the perfect time for a new Black Metal release. And SMOHALLA have given us a release for all the fans of this Metal genre.

I would be  liar to tell that I knew SMOHALLA before this promo had felt on my hands. So, I tried to find some data about them but I wasn’t that lucky, since the information available was limited. They began their journey in 2006 when they released their first, and only, demo “Smolensk Combustion”. An EP and a split with IMMERMORIAL (no info found about them) followed, until 20011 when SMOHALLA‘s debut full length saw the light... or better say unleashed the dark.

“Resilience” is an album that an untrained ear, will find difficult to understand. Their post Black Metal comes with influences from bands like ULVER, ARCTURUS, BLUT AUS NORD and DODHEIMSGARD. So, be prepared to listen to an album that goes from Black Metal blast beats to industrial breaks passing through pretty much anything you can imagine, except happy melodies. The atmosphere is dark, cold... occult I’d say. Under the proper atmosphere, “Resilience” will take you to a journey that it will be enjoyable, “trippy” and at the same time claustrophobic and dangerous. The album, despite the many changes in the rhythms and styles, flows great and the songs are filling in each other.

“Resilience” is definitely one of the best albums of avant-garde / progressive Black Metal (does the music tag really matter?) of 2011. Riffs, melodies, industrial, jazz, you name it. This album has everything we loved in the great aforementioned bands. I think that those who like music and not labels have to buy this album. Hope to hear more from SMOHALLA in the future.





01. Quasar
02. Au Sol Les Toges Vides
03. Le Repos Du Lézard
04. Oracle Rouge
05. Marche Silencieuse
06. L'homme Et La Brume
07. Aux Mille Dieux
08. Nos Sages Divisent


Camille - Bass
Slo - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Drums