Amnis Nihili - Christological Escalation

Amnis Nihili - Christological Escalation

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(EP, Avantgarde Music, 2011)

The eerie ambience and the dark sonic landscapes that many Black Metal bands create, always fascinate me. Winter is the proper season for the most arcane Metal genre, making the writing of this review in the heart of the Greek summer rather difficult.

AMNIS NIHILI is a Greek three piece Black Metal band, formed in Athens back in 2008. They signed a contract with Avantgarde Music. Through this label they released their first EP and probably they will release their debut album. The band is influenced by the Norwegian and French Black Metal scene, and by some industrial and ambient bands.

The bands very first release is “Christological Escalation”, an EP featuring4 tracks. They play harsh and raw Black Metal, enriched with ambient elements. The very creative use of samples, contribute to the creation of a haunting and mesmerizing atmosphere.   “Wandering Amongst Ruins And Ash” evokes early BATHORY memories, making it a personal favorite, along with the drone instrumental “Radiation”.

The artwork has been made by Viral Graphics, who have already worked for ELECTRIC WIZARD, MONSTER MAGNET, MUDHONEY, etc. It will be released on 10″ EP and mini-CD format. There will be a limited edition of the 10″ EP including the CD in a special packaging.

“Christological Escalation” is a quite interesting release, aiming to the dedicated Black Metal fans. The very distinctive and interesting artwork, make the vinyl version of this EP even more appealing...





01. Christological Escalation
02. Wandering Amongst Ruins And Ash
03. Radiation (instrumental)
04. Infamous Judeochristian Seed


D. - Electromagnetic Pulse
A. - Battery Commander
P. - Vokills