Celtachor - In The Halls Of Our Ancient Fathers

Celtachor - In The Halls Of Our Ancient Fathers

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(CD, Private, 2011)

CELTACHOR is a band from Ireland that belongs to the Pagan Metal scene. Before start thinking “not another Folk Metal band” let me be clear when I say that this band delivers the old-school Pagan Metal in its prime form that featured strong Black Metal foundations. Nowadays, this scene has transformed into something almost mainstream with many non-Metal instruments and generally well-polished productions. The term ‘Pagan’ has to do with the man’s primal needs to be connected with nature, embracing the wild beauty and often facing its pure power. Additionally, the Black Metal additions give this sound a battle feeling narrating epic stories of valor, describing bloody battles in snow covered plains. Of course, the main source of inspiration is the ancient texts that in the case of CELTACHOR belong to the Irish mythology.

This release is self-financed, so you have to graceful on judging the album’s sound quality. Sometimes the drums and the distorted guitars bear an old-school Black Metal atmosphere sounding raw and also in times they get lost in the mix. But there is power in the songs and a hearty primal feeling slightly touching the epic moments of BATHORY and even laying a hand on IMMORTAL’s solid rhythm section. The Pagan Metal side of the album features influences from bands like WAYLANDER and CRUACHAN and is characterized by the primitive sound of whistles. “Rise Of Lugh” is fine example of the band’s character with a killer mid tempo rhythm and nice whistle melody that adds the always welcome epic feeling. “In The Hall's Of Nuada” is even better entering with the almost monolithic rhythm guitars and the “Blood Fire Death” attitude will remind everyone how ahead of their time was Quorthon during the Viking inspired BATHORY days. Despite the rough mix and production, I enjoyed the down-tuned guitars that may hide some AMON AMARTH influences and the bass guitar whenever it gets some ‘air time’. Stephen’s single sided vocals fit the music like a glove and if you need a description, I would go with a mix between Satyr’s (SATYRICON) reading and Abbath’s (IMMORTAL) trademark timbre. The best song of the album is hands-down the epic paean “The Son's Of Tuireann And The Blood Fine” with the story telling vocals, the killer whistle melodies and the yet again tight rhythm guitars.

I have no doubt that CELTACHOR have the character and the potentials to release good music from this genre that I think has been forgotten by those who think Pagan Metal is only beer drinking songs and mythology inspired catchy melodies. This band will take you back to the roots of this scene and give you a hearty dose of primal Pagan music and let you remember your most powerful war-cry.





01. Nemed's Wake
02. Rise Of Lugh
03. In The Hall's Of Nuada
04. A Warning To Balor
05. Rider's Of The Fomor
06. The Son's Of Tuireann And The Blood Fine
07. The Wavesweeper


Stephen - Vocals, Whistles
Dave - Guitars
Anaïs - Drums
Emile - Bass