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Damn Freaks - Damn Freaks

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(CD, Mighty Music, 2017)

During these days with bands doing retro stuff, this came as a bit of a surprise since DAMN FREAKS rather takes the mind to the '80s Arena Rock or Hair Metal scene. And I guess that was the intention described with a quote from the band found in the promo sheet; “We all wanted to capture the vibe that we loved way back in the '80s when we were listening all day to WHITE LION, BON JOVI, MÖTLEY CRÜE, DOKKEN and David Lee Roth, it seems like people have completely forgot that music can also be the soundtrack of your happiest and laid back moments!”

And first track “Break The Chains” certainly brings you back to the happy '80s with a filthy riff and very catchy but yet melodic chorus. This really suites Iacopo Meille who, of course, does a fantastic job with TYGERS OF PAN TANG but with a more melodic touch he gets to show more of his fantastic talent. Also, “Take A Ride” holds the same vibe and the last line before to the chorus Iacopo sounds crazy much like Dave Meniketti, and, in fact, the chorus has similarities with Y&T.

“Dream Highway” has more of a Glam tone and could definitely have fitted among the big MTV bands major hits. The build-up for the chorus is fantastic and even if it is a complex chorus it would have been one sung by the whole crowd (if it had been one of the major '80s bands hit-songs). It's not my favorite on the records though, it's not my style, then I like songs as “Break The Chains” or mellow “The Way I Feel” which have more of a Heavy Metal touch. The latter of the two is a ballad, the dynamics to label it as power ballad are there and that it's brought up in intensity in the chorus is just extraordinary. The type of vocals use, a bit more pushed and powerful really sends shivers down my spine.

Closing “Burning Up” is another up-tempo one and the promo-sheet mentions it as a parallel song to VAN HALEN's “Panama”. I think, especially the verses roam on the landscapes of the bands like UFO, JUDAS PRIEST or even DEEP PURPLE. But yes, the riff in the chorus sounds VAN HALEN for sure. But for me it's a good thing it doesn't sound like “Panama”, I don't like that one bit so this is much better if you’d ask me.

So no, if you're looking for originality, this is not the place. DAMN FREAKS self-titled debut album is a very good tribute to the '80s scene and it's a fun record. Again, it's a matter of taste, I do prefer the more up-tempo songs and “The Way I Feel” which cuts the album a bit short since there are quite a few soft / ballady ones as “Broken Wings”, “Secret Path” and “Sea Of Love” but it's hard to find something to complain about the musical performance; it's all flawless and is definitely rockin’.





01. Break The Chains
02. Broken Wings
03. Take A Ride
04. Secret Path
05. Sea Of Love
06. The Way I Feel
07. Dream Highway
08. Poison Apple
09. Burning Up


Iacopo Meille - Vocals
Marco Torri - Guitars
Claudio Rogai - Bass
Matteo Panichi - Drums