Night Demon - Darkness Remains

Night Demon - Darkness Remains

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(CD, Steamhammer/SPV, 2017)

Yes, I cheated with the new NIGHT DEMON album and started seriously spinning “Darkness Remains” after seeing the band live at this year’s ‘Keep It True’. Sure, I should have done my homework prior to the festival, but you know what they say about how time flies... What I am trying to say here is that the Metal warriors in NIGHT DEMON are playing what we like to call retro, revival or whatever fancy term we tend to use to describe the music with deep roots or influences from the '80s. In this case, the Californian three piece band has taken hearty breathes from the NWOBHM scene, delivering guitar driven songs with high energy level.

Of course, it is easy to jump the gun and think ‘I heard this before a million times’ and then making the rush decision to bypass “Darkness Remains”. Well, if you are not into the early MAIDEN stuff with the double guitar harmonies and the bass-driven rhythm sections, then this is exactly what you should do. But if you do like the early days of MAIDEN and have a sweet tooth for the NWOBHM sound, then NIGHT DEMON will definitely satisfy your hunger. Even though I belong to the second category, I need to watch a band live to get convinced that what is on record comes from the heart as is fueled by the genuine love for this sound, and here is where I cheated. Yeah, I got to see NIGHT DEMON storming the stage of ‘Keep It True’ before really digging into the album, having the visual aspect of the trio delivering these highly energetic tunes. Take note how the album starts with the calm (before the storm) clean guitar intro before kicking the door down in a HOLOCAUST-inspired groove. And yes, you’ve got to love the bass guitar slide that sounds the charge for the high bpms that follow and it’s then headbanging time. The MAIDEN-esque change just before the guitar solo (where the bass is doing all the rhythm work) will definitely give you goosebumps. On top of this, the Punk-esque style of Jarvis (bassist / singer) works in favor of the genuine and in-your-face attitude the music of NIGHT DEMON holds, and this is highlighted in the faster “Hallowed Ground” that also comes with a catchy chorus (you’ll be singing along before the end of the first spin).

As I said, the band is a trio, so there is no rhythm guitar during the guitar leads / solos and this does not apply only when NIGHT DEMON are onstage, but also on the record. Check how the awesome “Life On The Run” works and then headbang your way during another MAIDEN-like break which will remind you of the “Piece Of Mind” long gone days of the legendary Brits. The MOTÖRHEAD-esque snare-drum action opens the groovy “Dawn Rider” where the vocal melodies and the solid basslines will make your day before getting you on the party-mood with the even groovier “On Your Own”. Here, we are talking about the proper music for a night out in your favorite Rock club / pub where beer and Metal exist as a single entity. The ‘ballad’ and title track of the album drops the curtain in the best way as it feels like the in-your-face performance by NIGHT DEMON has just ended. There is nice guitar riff along with some almost Di’Anno-reminding singing (the effect helps pointing towards that direction).

There is absolutely nothing not to like in the second NIGHT DEMON studio offering as it carries all the things we love from the NWOBHM scene, topped off by the energy coming from the fresh fuel that is in the band’s tank. Make a mind-note to check how this trio behaves onstage, so you can have a complete opinion of their musical doings.





01. Welcome To The Night
02. Hallowed Ground
03. Maiden Hell
04. Stranger In The Room
05. Life On The Run
06. Dawn Rider
07. Black Widow
08. On Your Own
09. Flight Of The Manticore
10. Darkness Remains


Jarvis Leatherby - Vocals, Bass
Dusty Squires - Drums
Armand John Anthony - Guitar