The Doomsday Kingdom - The Doomsday Kingdom

The Doomsday Kingdom - The Doomsday Kingdom

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(CD, Nuclear Blast, 2017)

Like king Midas, everything Leif Edling touches turns into gold. When it comes to musical quality at least, when listening to Leif himself the response for both THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM and AVATARIUM have been rather chilly in Sweden. Something that I can't understand since I love both bands. Luckily, everywhere else his greatness is recognized and honored. But, after hearing the “Never Machine” EP, I was eagerly waiting for the self titled full length to come out.

I really love the raw sound which makes the groove in opening “Silent Kingdom” being very mean and malicious. And Niklas Stålvind’s characteristic voice tops it off with adding desperation and anxiety, so it sounds amazing. Initially I had issues with the sound as I thought it was a bit primitive, but after a few spins, it stopped bothering me. With this cold type of distortion, which is very unforgiving Marcus Jidell's talent really shines through. He has a fantastic attack and tone. One of my favorites from the record is “A Spoonful Of Darkness” with a trademark riff and a great melody. The best thing is when the song picks up in speed for a bridge type passage just before the chorus, the riff leans more toward KING DIAMOND which suites Niklas voice perfectly. The Doomfather's riffs are unmistakable - there's no doubt who's behind THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM. The fascinating thing is that, even if we're talking about basically the same thing (epic Doom) for all other bands and projects he's in, everything sounds unique. There is always something special to makes one thing stand out from the other.

“Hand Of Hell” has that CANDLEMASS groove and feel to it, but with Niklas’ voice and the vocal lines, the song leans towards standard Heavy Metal which makes a very cool combination. With a catchy and simple chorus-line this should be a live-favorite I think. The absolute favorite track of the album comes next and is called “The Silence”. The brutality initiating the song is nicely mixed up with a very mellow passage. It's not really any verse, bridge, chorus structure and that makes it even better. The feel and tone in Niklas’ voice on that soft part is phenomenal and shows another side of him. The desperation is still there which suites the music perfectly.

BLACK SABBATH-esque “The God Particle” closes “The Doomsday Kingdom” album. The sneaky verse really caught my attention as the vocals are very low in the mix here. It really sounded different from the rest, the style of the song first of all but also the voice. After a while, I realized it wasn't Niklas singing but Leif himself. It's a long and dark track but I'm surprised every time when the 9+ minutes have passed that it is over already. There are few that can keep a tune like this interesting for so long - with THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM it still feels short.

There's not much to add than The Doomfather has done it again! Killer album.





01. Silent Kingdom
02. Never Machine
03. A Spoonful Of Darkness
04. See You Tomorrow
05. The Sceptre
06. Hand Of Hell
07. The Silence
08. The God Particle


Niklas Stålvind - Vocals
Marcus Jidell - Guitar
The Doomfather - Bass
Andreas Johansson - Drums