Mythra - Still Burning

Mythra - Still Burning

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(CD, High Roller Records, 2017)

It is so fascinating how various events can change your view about a band. My first encounter with MYTHRA was when they played at ‘Keep It True’ festival in 2016. On record, I liked it and it got one step better live. Then, when they hit the stage on ‘HRH X-Mas Rocka’ later the same year, I didn’t know what hit me; MYTHRA’s show was a complete run-over. And now with “Still Burning”, I was almost passing out due to shortage of air from the whoooooaaah as the goodies never stopped.

Album opener and title track, “Still Burning”, is an up-tempo, raw and catchy track. I love the harmonies which is very melodic in comparison to the rest of the song. I had a bit of a problem with the dry guitar-sound on earlier MYTHRA releases, but here it creates a fantastic drive and the stomp in the riff definitely works in favor for this smashing first song of “Still Burning”. “A Call To All” which follows is a NWOBHM modern classic. And that fascinates me with this record. It has an old school sound and feel to it, but it doesn’t feel dated; it’s genuine and the groove is fantastic. Also, with this guitar-sound, which is very unforgiving, the music needs to be precise else it would just be a mess. But John Roach and Alex Perry do a fantastic job and here too it is spot on.

I guess a song like “That Special Feeling” (without digging into the lyrics too much) kind of says it all; this is what MYTHRA always has been doing but it all seem to click perfectly now; the music is vibrant and has that edge that really gets me going. Rock solid “Survival” is another good example and dissecting the riff in the verse I’d say it’s very jagged. It still flows though and works perfectly together with the brutal riff under the chorus-line.

The combination of Vince High’s rather rough voice and the melodic lines on the guitar work extremely well. “Silence In The Sirens” is a wonderful example; the rather tonal vocal line in the verse is lighted up by the melody in the following passage. This combination really makes the music heavy but still very catchy. This is one of my favorites from “Still Burning” and the same can also be mentioned for “Sands Of Time” with the very mellow intro, the very neat vocal line and the epic IRON MAIDEN-type arrangement when the song starts for real. The trio here, towards the end of the record, also including “Victory Song” is high class Heavy Metal. The last of the three is a real heavy one both when it comes to vocal lines, harmonies and structure it breaks off the record and it all sounds fantastic.

I’m extremely impressed with MYTHRA’s “Still Burning”: how the energy and drive were captured, it’s raw but still catchy just as NWOBHM should be. And we’re not talking about any high-end production to boost this. Nope, this comes straight from the band, it’s vibrant and organic. Modern day perfect, not at all, but who really wants that? I want music that feels alive and that’s what MYTHRA does.





01. Still Burning
02. A Call To All
03. That Special Feeling
04. Ride The Storm
05. Survival
06. Battle Cry
07. Silence In The Sirens
08. Sands Of Time
09. Victory Song
10. We Belong
11. Fundamental Extreme


Vince High - Vocals
John Roach - Guitars
Alex Perry - Guitars
Maurice Bates - Bass
Phil Davies - Drums