Screamking - Tyranny Of The Sea

Screamking - Tyranny Of The Sea

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(CD, Platinum Dungeon Entertainment / Independent, 2017)

Oh my... Yes, SCREAMKING is definitely a suitable name for this band. The vocals in the album opener “Cannibals Of Sacrifice” are rather hysteric, to say the least. “Tyranny Of The Sea” is the Indiana-based band’s second full length release since its formation in 2011. “Evilibrium” saw the light of day in 2013 and now, four years later they're back with a new outing. I do like technical Thrash / Power Metal and believe me, I've been trying to get into “Tyranny Of The Sea” but it's not easy. I don't know if it is the production or the performance from the band that sets it down. But the mix of the solos and especially the high pitched vocals feel they're outside of the rest of the music; it doesn't belong and to get that thrown in your face in the first song can really scare the listener.

It works much better when the music is harder and heavier with the second track “I Am A Viking” touching upon the hysteria of STRAPPING YOUNG LAD and here, Joe Lawson’s rather pinch-y voice works perfectly. And it gets even better in “WarHorse” which along with “Feeding On The Predator” are my favorites out of “Tyranny Of The Sea”. The first of the two has a very nice groove to it with the beat and drive being fantastic. It's a mean and heavy track and absolutely headbanger-friendly. And I like the move from a chewy to open riff between the verse and the chorus. The second of the two is more melodic and the guitar melody works fine over the brutal riff. It also contains the freaky voice from the first song but the mix is so much better here, it's a part of the music which make it work. And the layer of voices creates a very theatrical atmosphere, fantastic really. There are a few more songs that go down rather well; “Faith Weapon” and “Shadow Of The Horn” for example. Also, the title track is a good one, even if that is on the verge of too hysteric for my taste.

It's hard to get all these elements together, I remember reviewing Canadian OMEGA CROM's “Beyond Control” (literally this is how it felt at first) and I thought it was the strangest record ever, but after a while it settled and became a very nice encounter. It's just to face it, when it is technical music we're talking about it takes some time for it to settle. I think I've listened to SCREAMKING’s “Tyranny Of The Sea” more and it still hasn't matured fully, not as a whole record. So, sometimes it gets too much, even for me.





01. Cannibals Of Sacrifice
02. I Am A Viking
03. Warhorse
04. Instrument Of Death (KILL)
05. Halo Of Fear
06. Faith Weapon
07. Embrace The Hate
08. Shadow Of The Horn
09. Feeding On The Predator
10. Tyranny Of The Sea
11. Bloodstains
12. End Of The World


Joe Lawson - Lead Vocals
Jason Michalik - Guitar, Vocals
Rafael Hernandez - Guitar
Clint Pagel - Bass, Vocals
Scott Rothschild - Drums