Ichabod Krane - Beyond Eternity

Ichabod Krane - Beyond Eternity

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(CD, Pure Steel Records, 2016)

I saw the name ICHABOD KRANE when they released their debut “Day Of Reckoning” back in 2014 and was intrigued just because I like the movie “Sleepy Hollow” (which apparently also is a real place in the New Jersey, US). The fact that Johnny Depp played the detective Ichabod Crane was a real treat, but mostly I liked it because of Christopher Walking playing the Headless Horseman, to start with.

And absolutely, if you are a fan of SLEEPY HOLLOW (the band now), ATTACKER, HELSTAR and so on, this should really appeal to you. And I am certainly boosted by this but it was still a bit hard to get around and really take in “Beyond Eternity”. Musically, it fits my taste; it’s heavy, dramatic and powerful. But it really takes a while to get into the sound and production. It’s rather sharp and rough. I normally don’t have a problem with a raw production and in many cases I prefer it than the modern perfection since I think it almost always kills the vibrancy of the music. But when cranking up the volume and it gets painful to listen, then I have an issue, and that is the case here. It’s extremely descant and full of bottom at the same time (at least in the promo) which basically kills the mid frequencies and makes the guitars and keyboards all a blur.

I really hope this doesn’t apply for the real record since the songs are very good. Opening and fast one “Black World” has a very catchy chorus line and a very good drive. The groovy “Metal Messiah” goes down really well too. And it will absolutely be a good live-song. Easy to sing and perfect for headbanging. Jeff “Sling” Schlinz’s voice is squeaky enough to be mean but still holds enough power to go along with heavy music. And I really enjoy the melodic parts coming in here and there. They become a good break in the else very heavy riffing prominent throughout the album.

One of the real highlights of “Beyond Eternity”, if you’d ask me, is the melodic mid-tempo “When The Stars Fall”; the beat in the song is very enjoyable and the build-up to the chorus-line is fantastic. Also, the following “Bring it Down” falls under the same grade. The vocal line in the verse touches upon recent days VICIOUS RUMORS, as do the riff in the background. The ballad “Why So Sad” would probably have been a highlight if it had a bit smoother sound. I know it should be the songs that count but listening to a record includes the whole experience and especially for this mellow track, the raw sound doesn’t work in the favour of the music. I also like “Bitter Romance” but it feels like the songs after the ballad holds a different character, more towards classic Hard Rock than the US Power Metal delivered in the first part of “Beyond Eternity”. The heavier music appeals more to me even if these last two tracks sound perfectly ok.

ICHABOD KRANE’s second release is definitely not bad, but as many other bands, similar in style, have released records sounding better around the same time as this one came out the judgment gets hard sometimes. But definitely, with a bit better sound “Beyond Eternity” could have competed in the top with the releases from SLEEPY HOLLOW, HELSTAR, ATTACKER and so on.





01. Black World
02. Metal Messiah
03. Pandora's Box
04. Beyond Eternity
05. When The Stars Fall
06. Bring It Down
07. Why So Sad
08. Whiskey Angel
09. Bitter Romance


Jeff “Sling” Schlinz - Vocals
Rick Craig - Guitars
George Neal - Bass
Lisa Hurt - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Rob Brug - Drums