Nightrage - The Venomous

Nightrage - The Venomous

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(CD, Despotz Records, 2017)

According to my book, NIGHTRAGE is a very consistent band, and after browsing their discography, I added the adjective ‘underrated’ in this mind note. You see, every album this band has released is a fine piece of melodic Death Metal - the kind that was usually called the ‘Gothenburg sound’, some decades ago. For reasons that escape me, this sound was quickly saturated and to some degree the scene (a.k.a. market) lost some of its initial huge interest. And that’s a shame, since the mix of melodies and aggression is amazing for concerts where this genre really showcases its power. History talking aside, the latter description fits like tailored suit the brand new NIGHTRAGE album, titled “The Venomous”, which takes the blame for the purpose of these lines.

Yes, the album’s title track opens the tracklist, using the golden melodic Death Metal recipe with clean guitar melodies which soon enough bring on the distortion and an amazing groove that will get the blood moving. The melodic and catchy guitar phrases are the brand of NIGHTRAGE’s music and, of course, are all over the album. In fact, the chorus of the album opener will get stuck from the first listening and - trust me - will take some replays before deciding to move on to the next one. And once you do, you will be rewarded by the aggression of “Metamorphosis / Day Of Wrath” which literally metamorphoses the mid-tempo and melodic character of the previous track into a full-on attack. The part right after the solo, with the fast snare action and the catchy riff, will blow your socks off. In case you’re searching for a practical definition of the Gothenburg sound, then “Affliction” will do the trick; the riff-driven part (hammer-ons and pull-offs galore), the groovy rhythm and the clean guest vocals (courtesy of DARKANE’s Lawrence Mackrory) will tick all the boxes with the items that characterize this awesome Metal genre. “The Blood” is cut from the same cloth but with higher bpms, and you may find some THE HAUNTED aggression in the rhythm part with the chunky guitars and the sweet double bass drumming. By the way, the cleaner singing reminds me of SOILWORK’s Björn “Speed” Strid and I’d love to hear more of this type of vocals, since it really breaks the single-sided shouting ones.

What I really like with NIGHTRAGE is the way they step on modern sounds without overdoing it; I mean, the vocals kind of flirt with the Metalcore zone, but still, the spotlight is on pure melodic Death Metal with a rich collection of hooks and catchy guitars. Yeah, songs like “Disturbia” and “Desolation And Dismay” (the double bass drum part with the riff on top is awesome) have all this, so be ready to spend some time singing/humming along with the occasional breaks for headbanging.

Like I said, NIGHTRAGE is a consistent band, so I did not expect “The Venomous” to fail to meet my melodic Death Metal needs. However, this album turned out to be more than that and, in fact, is one step better than “Puritan”, so maybe the two new lineup additions had something to do with this. At any rate, “The Venomous” is a solid album without fillers, so I am really excited to see how these songs will behave from the stage.





01. The Venomous
02. Metamorphosis / Day Of Wrath
03. In Abhorrence
04. Affliction
05. Catharsis
06. Bemoan
07. The Blood
08. From Ashes Into Stone
09. Trail Of Ghosts
10. Disturbia
11. Desolation And Dismay
12. Denial Of The Soul


Marios Iliopoulos - Guitar
Anders Hammer - Bass
Ronnie Nyman - Vocals
Magnus Söderman - Guitar
Lawrence Dinamarca - Drums