Regulus - Quadralith

Regulus - Quadralith

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(CD, Off Yer Rocka Recordings, 2017)

If you take one doze of ORANGE GOBLIN, one of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY and spice it up with some BLACK SABBATH, you get the Sheffield rockers of REGULUS. So, we are talking about '70s Heavy Rock with some Stoner influences here. “Quadralith” is REGULUS’ second full length album, and apart from this, they've also released a few EPs, however they've managed to completely pass me by, so this is my first encounter with the band.

Album opener, “Dominion” is both the heaviest and most melodic song on the album; the riff is brutally heavy and powerful and the verses have a rather carefully sung line. The dynamics work very well though and the song sets a great mood on what's to come. Also, “Last Chance To Die Young” goes down very well; the drive in the verses is fantastic and I think it’s a bit dangerous to listening to this while driving because it will automatically make you to put on the floor the gas pedal. The staccato type riff in the bridge before chorus line breaks it up nicely and avoids that gnawing groove make the structure disappear. Dark and heavy “Bones” quickly became a favorite of the album; the mellow and Bluesy track breaks up the rather compact sound. And that is something that disturbs me a bit with this record. Musically, they're definitely more interesting than regular Stoner bands, there are some real details on the album but the sound is of that muddy Stoner character. Also, Luke Jennings is a little tonal and lacks of variation. The songs are there though, and with a bit more character in the sound, REGULUS can have big things in front of them.

A little is enough though with the double vocal lines in “The Dream Reaper” making the song to really stand out. This one is another favorite with the suggestive feel in the verses and the more floating chorus-lines going down very well. The faster “Overcome” is another fantastic song. I like the feeling of the power coming and going and the little more attitude in the chorus. The main riff is the favorite though. The title track, which also closes the record, is another very cool thing. It’s epic with different parts and has a very heavy beat. It feels like a natural closer of the album and I can see the band jamming away when this one is played live. And it sure doesn't get much heavier than the last section of the song, it's brutal.

REGULUS “Quadralith” is definitely a good record; the sound left a little more to wish for, but that's a matter of taste, of course. There are some very cool riffs on it and I do think the REGULUS name will start to show up more frequently with the release of their second album.





01. Dominion
02. Last Chance To Die Young
03. Seven Tales Told
04. Bones
05. Heart Of Stone
06. The Dream Reaper
07. Poor Man's Grave
08. Dutch
09. Overcome
10. Quadralith


Luke Jennings - Vocals, Guitars
Thomas Osborne - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Martyn Lucas-Bewick - Bass
Joe Milburn - Drums