Bonafide - Flames

Bonafide - Flames

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(CD, Cargo Records, 2017)

When I first heard of BONAFIDE, it didn’t say much at all and this was when they released their self-titled debut record, 10 years ago. To my surprise, seeing the same band perform on stage, I was completely blown away. And it’s been like that the records are really good, but pass by rather unnoticed, but they keep impressing me when I see them live.

I was a bit reluctant to take on “Flames” for review, for the above reasons, but to my surprise, this AC/DC-oozing album really appealed to me. Even if AC/DC isn’t my favorite band, they’re phenomenal at creating a drive and intensity with the simplest things. And that BONFIDE definitely have managed on “Flames” as well. This together with a whole bunch of catchy chorus lines and cool hooks make it a party album and it’s hard not to crank it up and head for the freezer to grab a beer when it’s on. “Back In Flames” starts off strong but it was “Smoke And Fire” that got stuck at first; after all, good Hard Rock with a very easy to sing along to chorus line. I also like that it is a melodic chorus. “Written In Stone” takes on another style in a more standard '70s Rock / Hard Rock. I’d also say this has an almost Soul-touch due to the female backing vocals in the chorus. No, BONAFIDE isn’t doing anything new but it’s not a rip-off from anything either. Pontus Snibb’s voice is a classic Rock voice, a very good one but not utterly unique. Still, this rocks, and it rocks hard. I can’t point out what is special, it’s just good old fun Rock ’n’ Roll.

Album closer “Under Your Spell” takes “Flames” to another level. I’m ridiculously fond of long epic tracks and this one can definitely be counted as one. There’s not much going on though; the melody is the one carrying the whole thing and it is fantastic and so are the dynamics in the music behind it. Simplicity and fines are the key here I guess. Even if it only is the title being repeated for the second half/ending of the song, it grows so much in power it’s crazy. Again, not much more happens to pinpoint as the cause of the increase, it’s just the feeling. The music feels so vibrant and alive. And I guess that is the key why it works. There’s a passion and nerve in these songs and without them, it all would have fallen flat. If there’s any difference with “Flames” when compared to the earlier records, I must go back to and check because maybe I didn’t give them enough time. But I guess that’s why BONAFIDE worked live; it’s flawless and contains lots of passion. And I would be really surprised if “Flames” isn’t taking BONAFIDE up at least one level in fame, as this record made me feel as I do when seeing the band live.





01. Back In Flames
02. Smoke And Fire
03. Power Down
04. Bottle Of Jack
05. Written In Stone
06. Like It Now
07. Keep A Safe Distance
08. Gotta Go
09. Flipside Groovin’
10. Under Your Spell


Pontus Snibb - Vocals, Guitars
Anders Rosell - Guitar
Martin Ekelund - Bass
Niklas Matsson - Drums