Iron Curtain - Guilty As Charged

Iron Curtain - Guilty As Charged

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(CD, Pure Steel Records, 2016)

I’m all into Speed / Thrash / Heavy Metal, especially if it’s played the way is supposed to - with love, devotion and according to the ‘Iron and Steel’ virtues of old school Heavy Speed Metal. But in cases where the ‘revival’ bands (even though I hate this term, pff) throw a couple of unique elements in the equation making even more enticing the already Heavy package, things become even more interesting (and more entertaining, too). Spain’s IRON CURTAIN definitely belong to this category, and even though they don’t reinvent the Speed / Heavy Metal wheel, their Lemmy Kilmister / TANK approach of their speedy servings is quite refreshing, so let’s see what they’re offering in their third full length, titled “Guilty As Charged”.

“Classic, Heavy / Speed Metal”, and/or “fast and raw Metal riffage” are the right words to use when describing what the Spanish speedsters deliver with this 9-song album, and for sure you get such a taste the moment the tracklist opener “Into The Fire” kicks in with all cylinders firing. The galloping guitars shine from the very first tune and set the bar on the highest of levels for what’s about to follow. Refreshing, old school and a bit flashy, this track is the perfect appetizer for IRON CURTAIN’s German-infused Heavy Metal (yup, it’s impossible not to think of those early ‘80s German rippers), while “Lion’s Breath” brings forward some of the MOTÖRHEAD-esque glamor we loved from the Spaniards’ debut, “Road To Hell”. “Take It Back” takes the baton and shows its cutting-edge teeth, increasing the excitement for IRON CURTAIN’s live shows as a powerful crowd-pleaser track, while “Relentless” fits like a glove to Mike Leprosy’s Kilmister-laden, phlegm-y way of singing. Mike probably sounds too much like Lemmy, and this is something that takes away some of the originality away, but overall “Relentless” is a very good track, mainly due to its ‘80s-shiny, guitar work. Of course, more Speed riffs are in the ‘plat du jour’ with tracks like “Iron Price” and “Wild & Rebel” showing IRON CURTAIN’s strongest card (which is the awesome and inspiring guitar work), but I have to admit that the urge to headbang with the devil-horns up in the air like there’s no tomorrow came with the self-titled track which is also my album favorite, thanks to its sharp and fast guitars and old-school (church-bell-chanting) set-up.

So, what’s the final verdict? IRON CURTAIN are found ‘Guilty As Charged’ (you saw what I just did there? Huh?) for carrying on successfully the Heavy / Speed Metal flag 30+ years later the movement’s golden days. Sure, I’d prefer that they’d have kept the Lemmy-like vocals minimal to give us the chance to hear a more genuine sound and closer to their origin’s rich heritage but this can be  a matter of personal taste. All in all, “Guilty As Charged” is a well-executed album that will rock your nights and days, giving you tons and tons of old school Heavy Metal fun.

“Guilty as charged - I'm the law
Rough and justice gonna break down your walls
Lost your life, burned in hell?
You will know... tonight!”





01. Into The Fire
02. Lion’s Breath
03. Take It Back
04. Relentless
05. Iron Price
06. Outlaw
07. Wild & Rebel
08. Guilty As Charged
09. Turn The Hell On (FIST cover)


Mike Leprosy - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Joserra - Bass
Alberto Fuentes - Drums
Miguel Angel Lopez - Lead Guitar