Bill & Phil - Songs Of Darkness And Despair

Bill & Phil - Songs Of Darkness And Despair

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(EP, Housecore Records, 2017)

If you leave aside all the (mainly) online hatred related to Phil’s doings (or if you prefer alleged actions), then what is left is a highly productive musician who likes doing whatever feels good at any given moment, being totally free from any expectations or musts. Yeah, if you take a look at what Phil has done the last years, and then try to find a connective line, then most probably you’ll fail because his musical explorations are pretty music all over the Metal map. This is exactly what I respect about him, even though I may not like whatever he is putting out. Additionally, having new music out is a most welcomed distraction from all the other ‘stuff’, if you know what I mean. So, his latest venture involves iconic actor Bill Moseley, and under the title “Songs Of Darkness And Despair”, offers 5 and a quarter of songs with each of them bearing a different flavor.

Aside from putting together the lyrics, Bill Moseley is also singing, and if you’d twist my arm, I would describe his vocals with the term (most probably this is politically incorrect) ‘hillbilly’. Yeah, his Southern-type articulation with lots of colors in it adds a very unique character in the songs and I guess falls into the "love it or hate it" category. Still, whatever the verdict may be the result is unique and after a few ‘getting to know’ spins, it gets really enjoyable. “Dirty Eye” has a nice Stoner mid-tempo groove and super-nice Blues-y guitar fills which fit perfectly to Bill’s vocals. If you listen closely, you’ll notice Phil’s trademark low-registered, almost spoken type of, singing. According to the press release, the songs on this EP were put together in three days, so you should expect a jamming atmosphere all around. Indeed, the way the guitar solo stretches out, on top of the smooth groove, proves that there was a lot of improvisation and also a great deal of inspiration. The slower “Corpus Crispy” with the bongo-sounding percussion takes a walk into the desert barefoot, and let the blasting heat to create some crazy ass lyrics which make the perfect psychedelic fit to this relaxed (again) jamming-type tune. I am sure, you’ll see some Desert Rock value here once the guitar lead turns into a(nother) killer solo.

Like I said, there is no clean musical direction here and, in fact, all bets are off with “Songs Of Darkness And Despair” spinning on your turntable. There are some ‘strange’ tunes (I have no idea what to do with “Widder Woman”...) but there are also some awesome songs, like the ballad-type “Tonight’s The Night We Die” where Phil sings a bit more. The down-tuned clean guitar and the bad-ass bassline create the perfect singing for the two singing gentlemen. At any rate, this EP needs some pre-listening time before spending your hard earned money because, as I said, it is a love or hate situation but it’s worth your checking it out time. After all, it is available for free streaming, so you have no excuses.





01. Dirty Eye
02. Corpus Crispy
03. Catastrophic
04. Widder Woman
05. Tonight's The Night We Die
06. Bad Donut


Bill Moseley - Vocals
Philp H. Anselmo - Backing Vocals, Piano, Drums, Percussion
Kevin Bond - Guitar
Squizzy Squires - Bass, Guitar
José “Blue” Gonzalez - Drums