Quicksand Dream - Beheading Tyrants

Quicksand Dream - Beheading Tyrants

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(CD, Cruz Del Sur Music, 2016)

Hailing from the north of Sweden, with connections to the fantastic MORTALICUM, Patrick Backlund (guitars and bass) and latest lineup addition, Henrik Högl, being a part of both bands, QUICKSAND DREAM piqued my interest. I also enjoyed the band’s first full length album, “Aelin - A Story About Destiny”, released in 2000 as I found out later though, so there was no way letting “Beheading Tyrants” to pass by.

Sometimes it’s strange to see what it is appealing with a band and its music. QUICKSAND DREAM’s second full length album “Beheading Tyrants” leaves more to wish for, when it comes to the production. It sounds like it was recorded live inside the rehearsal room and not much more was done with it. Despite this, the feeling in the music, the attitude and the nerve are fantastic. Opening track “Daughters Of Eve” starts off with a melodic intro, which sounds fantastic. When the song starts, the sound isn’t as clear anymore and it took a while to buy in to the sound. But the song has a very nice groove to it and I really like that the chorus consists of a few stops where the music is paused and the vocals continue - at least for the first one is like that. “Cloud Of Screams” that follows is a more stompy piece but with the same fantastic melancholy and melodies. If I was to compare the first two, I’d say “Daughters O Eve” was the epic one with the second leaning more towards Stoner or '70s Heavy Rock. Even if the style is pretty different, it still feels they belong on the same album.

The first half of “The Shadow That Bleeds” is very beautiful with yet again pretty melodies. These acoustic parts really sound fantastic! When the song takes off after the first 2½ minutes, it lands somewhere in the middle of the first two; doomy and groovy at the same time. When the song ends, the intro comes back for a short moment. I really like this kind of odd arrangements that move away from the norm with verse, chorus, verse, bridge, chorus sequence.

“The Girl From The Island” is a faster one and touches upon the sound of ASHBURY in the singing and song arrangement style of the verses. Harmony-wise, it’s not far off from ASHBURY either, both when it comes to guitar and vocals. There are other things standing out on “Beheading Tyrants”; in “White Flames On Black Water” when the bridge enters it has a very strange touch as it feels the key and harmony are rather off from the rest of the beautiful melodic parts. The chorus that follows is one of the best things on the album though. Album closer “To Kill Beneath The Sun” is a true epic with an extensive intro and a gnawing rhythm. The pace and intensity pick up a bit during the second part but is still instrumental though. And when the vocals come in the flow, it gets so very nice that is hard to not get lost and let the thoughts wonder. And the way this section is incorporated with the second instrumental passage is phenomenal.

The thing with QUICKSAND DREAM’s “Beheading Tyrants” is when you get into it, the sound and production don’t really matter. The songs are very cool and I really like the melodic and epic sounding Heavy Metal / Doom type of music. But it takes a few spins to be able to look past the sound, and this is for each time I pick it up.





01. Daughters Of Eve
02. Loud Of Screams
03. The Shadow That Bleeds
04. The Girl From The Island
05. White Flames On Black Water
06. To Kill Beneath The Sun


Göran Jacobson - Vocals
Patrick Backlund - Bass, Guitars