Sin Of God - Aenigmata

Sin Of God - Aenigmata

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(CD, Satanath Records, 2016)

Morrisound Studios in Tampa, Florida did set the sound on how Death Metal was about to sound in the early '90s and the bands roaming from that era are some of the biggest around today still - and I am thinking of bands as SUFFOCATION, OBITUARY and SIX FEET UNDER as fine examples. And then, on the other side of the Iron Curtain, another type of bands also broke through and created a very characteristic sound; the ultra fast but still very clean and precise. Leaders of this wave are VADER and BEHEMOTH. So, if mix these two worlds, you’ll get Hungary’s SIN OF GOD. There is much of the classic Tampa sound in their music but also a touch of the more technical and clean arrangements too.

And the mood is set with the first song, the forceful “The Emerald Tabled”, that sounds mean and brutal. What struck me right away was the band’s technical skills and the drive in how their playing. Balázs Lévai’s vocals are a little bit dark and rough for my taste but as a whole they still work fine. It’s one more step higher with “Phosphorus” and with this SIN OF GOD really have captured my interest. I’ve gotten away from the really brutal music lately but this record, “Aenigmata”, SIN OF GOD’s second LP, reminded me why I like this style of music.

And I really like when there are super fast drums, the triggered sound works really fine here, topped with a heavy and rather slow and melodic music piece, as in “Loss Leads Into Impiety”, technically it’s flawless and it sounds awesome. The album’s title track is an epic with the breaks and passages mixed with more old-school Death Metal. It might feel shattered when describing it but it all works. You got to love the pretentious title of “The Great Lion Devours The Sun”. The song is a real smack in the face bearing the same raw brutality that opened the record. Also, tracklist closer “The Human Worm” is a run-over of grade. I love the wacko break in the middle of the song where it almost turns into Doom instead. Good groove and punch in the riffs.

There’s very little to complain about “Aenigmata”, it sounds damn good, both from a musical and production perspective. The songs are varied and technical and it took a few spins for the record to settle but that normally is a good thing as it grows for each spin. It’s only Balázs’ vocals that are a bit too harsh for my taste and, if being very petty, the guitars could have had a little more edge. But in general, it’s a solid Death Metal record and with this, I should go easily to it when digging out Brutal music.





01. The Emerald Tablet
02. Phosphorus
03. Ignis Infernalis... Illuminate Us
04. Loss Leads Into Impiety
05. Aenigmata
06. Altered States Of Chaos
07. Deus Metamorphosis
08. The Great Lion Devours The Sun
09. The Human Worm


Balázs Lévai - Vocals
Páll László - Guitars, Vocals
Szabolcs Molnár - Guitars (lead)
Ferenc "Vöry" Vörös - Bass
Botyánszki Balázs - Drums