Binary Creed - A Battle Won

Binary Creed - A Battle Won

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(CD, Rockshots Music Management, 2016)

It’s not often a Swedish band I’ve never heard of before can surprise me as BINARY CREED did with their second full length album “A Battle Won”. The Umeå-based quintet has really managed to compose a dark and heavy record with a lot of interesting twists, turns and tunes, really excellent Prog / Power Metal.

Immediately the extremely heavy and second track “Lurking In The Shadows” stood out. The fateful bridge with dark choirs before the chorus takes off - amazing! I tried to figure where I heard the instrumental bridge after the second chorus before but I failed. The moody melody could fit on any scene of an action movie, especially during the part where the hero almost loses the battle. Having spoken words, like a news cast over it adds on to the soundtrack feel. “In A Time To Come” also stuck on me quickly with style resemblances to TAD MOROSE but also touches a bit on BINARY CREED’s city mates, NOCTURNAL RITES, at least how they sounded on their last few records. Singer Andreas Stoltz has a voice solidly set between Urban Breed and Jonny Lindqvist, just enough squeak to keep it really heavy with a fantastic range and tone. The one thing striking me the hardest with this track was the buildup before the second verse and the rather crazy vocal lines there touches upon the magic only John Arch and Buddy Lackey have managed to create before.

On occasion the keyboards have a very prominent role in the whole BINARY CREED sound though, nothing disturbing at all as it is done the old fashioned way; it’s real playing and not just to add to a thick wall of sound. The production of “A Battle Won” is really nice; it is modern but without being pushed to the max in all frequencies, the dynamics are fantastic and it works on both low and high volume, it sounds the same.  Being a sucker for a mid-tempo feel in the chorus of “The Ones To Bleed” which is my favorite of the record. I really love the vocal arrangements in the chorus with layers of different strands. And of course that the track is heavy as hell helps to put it on top too.

I really like “A Battle Won” from start to end, all songs are good and they all feels worked through. I tend to lose focus on and off though and a few songs pass by more than getting me hooked as the ones I already mentioned do. But to have 3-4 of those on one record is a lot more than most bands manage. But that’s the only comment I have apart from the praise of what I really like. So, BINARY CREED’s “A Battle Won” is a genuine and straight through very good Swedish Prog / Power Metal album.





01. Servants
02. Lurking In The Shadows
03. In A Time To Come
04. The Fallen King
05. The Ones To Bleed
06. Safer Than Now
07. A Better Man
08. Black Storm
09. These Hands
10. Journey Without End


Andreas Stoltz - Vocals
Stefan Rådlund - Guitar
Robert Rasmussen Ahlenius - Bass
Peo Olofsson - Keyboards
Peter Widding - Drums