Geezer - Gage

Geezer - Gage

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(EP, Ripple Music, 2015)

How would you feel if you have just discovered that there is a hallucinatory drink served in a tall glass mixing the right portions of whiskey-soaked Blues and earthy-Stoner Rock with great psychedelic meltdown ice-cubes for some extra chill? Yup, that’s what I thought too, so having New York Blues rockers GEEZER’s EP “Gage” spinning inside my stereo was a no-brainer, and to tell you the truth, I’m really glad I did.

Having a closer look at the press release accompanying the “Gage” EP, I found out that it was initially released as a limited edition via STB Records in 2014, so I was more than happy seeing the California-based label Ripple Music re-releasing it in a worldwide basis on CD and digital format, giving to more people the chance to feel the love this strange Blues / Stoner Rock trio knows how to produce. And by love, I mean GEEZER’s heavy distorted Blues and massive psyched sound that feels like it’s taken from the ‘70s, but at the same time sounds so fresh and up-to-date that it’s impossible to leave you indifferent. Pat Harrington’s earthy vocals sound like the perfect fit to GEEZER’s ZZ TOP-esque riffage (simple yet addictive), while the numbing basslines seem to guide the precise drumming, providing to the listener a sonic shelter from icy-cold days or better taking him to a Midwest’s desert (!) till the snow-storm is over. Just listen to the opening “Ancient Song” and feel GEEZER’s groovy love I am talking about or try “Thorny”’s Mississipi-Delta-like tunes as Pat throws some slide guitar basics, mixed with the Stoner-laden atmosphere, and then hear with your own ears what GEEZER are capable of. Personally, I super-enjoyed the heaviness of “Ghost Rider Solar Plexus” and its KYUSS-like character that gives the impression it was composed right in the middle of Palm Springs, creating a warm veil of light. Plus, the rolling groovy swirl of “Tales Of Murder And Unkindness” is one more highlight as it continues serving the exceptional ZZ TOP / KYUSS / MONSTER MAGNET mix that right in the middle of the song will prepare you for boarding on a starship on route for a galaxy far, far away.

You’re probably aware that Ripple Music knows its way around great bands, but what you don’t know is what these guys have in store for you. So, trust Ripple’s gut again, and grab this lil’ gem, since “Gage” looks like another one release totally worthing your support.

"The noise never stops
The engines still burn
I'm chocking myself to death
But the world still turns and turns and turns"





01. Ancient Song
02. Thorny
03. Ghost Rider Solar Plexus
04. Tales Of Murder And Unkindness
05. Dude, It’s Molecular


Freddy Villano - Bass
Chris Turco - Drums
Pat Harrington - Guitar, Vocals