Versus Heaven - Behind The Perfect Mask

Versus Heaven - Behind The Perfect Mask

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(CD, Casket Music, 2011)

Now there’s a question for you: what do you get as a result if you combine METALLICA, MEGADETH, ANNIHILATOR, ICED EARTH, QUEENSRYCHE, MAIDEN, with fresh ideas and modern sound? Ok, I won’t let you sweat over it: the answer is VERSUS HEAVEN. The Greek band was formed back in 2004 as BETRAYED and under that name, released a demo and did some live shows. When their singer left, the band replaced him with the current one, Kostas, and changed their name to VERSUS HEAVEN. “Behind The Perfect Mask” is their first studio release.

You won’t have to wonder much about what this band plays (actually you won’t even have the time to wonder): “Betrayed”, the album’s very first song begins with riffs so heavy that will blow more than your mind. Fast, heavy and without a moment’s peace: just pure and in-your-face Metal. Not to wonder why this song was chosen to be the band’s first official video, directed by Bob Katsionis (FIREWIND, NIGHTFALL). So, “Betrayed” is finished and it’s time to relax: sorry to disappoint you, but the next song “Art Without Pain” continues the same way. After that, we have “Time Does Not Heal” and “I Wish…” which are a bit more down tempo (if you can actually say that, because both of them, towards the end, are transformed into killer songs) but heavy nevertheless.

“Mankind Unrest” begins and ends in a most thrasy way with fast and heavy riffs but also with a two-minute melodic intermission featuring nice melodies and a beautiful solo, while “Angel Dust” is a great track with beautiful melodies (the violin, played by Dimitris, plays a great deal to that), which serves as an intro to “White Nights”. Now, what can I say about “Perfect Mask” and “Unexplored Land”? Two brilliant songs that absolutely blow you away riff after riff, solo after solo. The first is an instrumental piece and the second an eight minute epic, with an ICED EARTH-esque beginning and a pure heavy Metal bombardment throughout the entire song: you won’t even know where to hide! Last but not least comes “Forbidden”, a rather slow song (compared to the entire album), which proves that VERSUS HEAVEN know how to compose more than heavy/ power songs.

Summarizing, I’d say that “Behind The Perfect Mask” is a great release. The guys did a hell of a job and the album has a production that many bands (even well-known ones) would be jealous of. Kostas has an amazing and powerful voice, which resembles Matt Barlow’s. In a time when more and more bands turn towards the classic heavy/ power genre (not always with good results), VERSUS HEAVEN manage to make a difference and present a fresh approach to this music style. Greece has a lot more to give to the heavy Metal world. Sure thing!





01. Betrayed
02. Art Without Pain
03. Time Does Not Heal
04. Heartless Kill Machine
05. Mankind Unrest
06. Angel Dust
07. White Pages
08. Perfect Mask
09. Unexplored Land
10. Forbidden


Kostas - Vocals
Mimis - Guitars
Dimitris - Drums
Ilias - Bass
Sinnik - Guitars