Wo Fat - The Conjuring

Wo Fat - The Conjuring

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(CD/LP, Small Stone, 2014)

Yup, June is finally here and what would be the most suitable soundtrack to celebrate the occasion than a fresh, face-melting heavy Stoner Rock release? Especially when you like your Stoner served as a fine smoky brisket, yum... Dallas, TX’s trio WO FAT seems to be one of the best representatives of this heavy form of Stoner with the distorted sound and the slobbery vocals fitting like a glove to the upcoming estival scenery that demands a light-colored wide-hat and a cold one at hand. “The Conjuring” marks WO FAT’s fifth full length release, so let’s see if the swamp riffmasters have managed to provide one more sonic shelter for the upcoming hot-as-hell summer days/nights.

“The Conjuring” continues the ol’ good tradition that sees WO FAT as your secret companion for a trip above a psychedelic swamp with Sludgy riffage, heavy groove and tons of nice and slow Stoner vibes. I know that looking at the short tracklisting, you may think this should be an EP release, but if you have followed WO FAT’s discographic steps, you should know by now that whatever they lack in time duration, they gain by creating super-addictive headbanging tunes. The self-titled album opener is perfect for some quality headbanging time wrapped with a catchy Southern amalgam of SABBATH / EARTHRIDE / LAS CRUCES, covered by a nice psychedelic veil as it does around the 05’:01’’ mark. The Bluesy-driven aggressiveness of “Read The Omens” and the CLUTCH-y / QOTSA-laden Beggar’s Bargain” (just love the cowbell action here) will muddy the waters inside WO FAT’s colorful pond, and it would be foolish of me if I didn’t acknowledge the band’s ability to maneuver swiftly between the Stoner and the Blues Rock pathways, offering some smoky flavors trapped inside this album.

While there are a lot of Stoner Rock albums released nowadays, there aren’t many good enough to stay in your play-list for more than a couple of days. But rest assured, “The Conjuring” has the cojones to take over your listening for quite a while. Feeling intrigued? You should be!





01. The Conjuring
02. Read The Omens
03. Pale Rider From The Ice
04. Beggar’s Bargain
05. Dreamwalker


Kent Stump - Guitar, Vocals
Tim Wilson - Bass
Michael Walter - Drums, Backing Vocals