Greenleaf - Trails & Passes

Greenleaf - Trails & Passes

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(CD/LP, Small Stone Recordings, 2014)

Yesh, it's time to deal with one more trippy psych-tinged / Retro-oriented release able to create quite a buzz in the underground Rock scene where there is already a following behind the name GREENLEAF (mainly because of the DOZER guitarist Tommi Holappa), so I bet this band’s fifth long-player, named “Trails & Passes”, was highly anticipated by the fans and the media.

Having the two quarters of the band replaced by Sebastian Olsson and Arvid Jonsson on drums and vocals respectively, Swedish 70s-laden rockers GREENLEAF offer one more masterpiece full of mouth-watering guitar leads, fiery basslines and a Retro-colored voice that I think will become this album’s big revelation. I mean, Arvid will draw most of the attention with his tinkling timbre that adds a really cool and old-fashioned layer to the band’s sound. The groovy catchiness of “Our Mother Ash” sounds like it came straight from the 70s with the greatly influenced THE WHO / early DEEP PURPLE structure, the hippie, airy vocalisms and the to-die-for vintage guitars putting the song into repeat-mode right away. “Ocean Deep” delivers the goods with the same respect for the ‘flower-children’ decade, maintaining an old-fashioned style in every instrument, while Arvid’s voice sounds like the perfect match to the music that will make you think it’s the mid-70s again. In pretty much the same wavelength are the Hendrix-esque “Equators” and THE TURTLES-laden “Depth Of The Sun”, while “Humans”, my personal favorite “With Eyes Wide Open” and “The Drum” outreach to a more modern sensation, bringing forward the band’s known trippy, psych-ed Stoner Rock virtues. Last but not least, the closing and self-titled track in a way sums all the element GREENLEAF used in this album wrapped in a finger-licking mixture of the old and the new, a strange yet alluring blend of sounds, colors and fragrances, being the perfect soundtrack for long-distance walks through trails & passes.

Small Stone Recordings gave a breath of life to one more Rock masterpiece and I’m sure it will be in many end of the year lists (mine’s too). To put it simple: if you really like THE SWORD’s “Apocryphon” then you will treat “Trails & Passes” with equal amounts of love.





01. Our Mother Ash
02. Ocean Deep
03. Equators
04. Depth Of The Sun
05. Humans
06. With Eyes Wide Open
07. The Drum
08. Bound To Be Machines
09. Trails & Passes


Tommi Holappa - Guitar
Sebastian Olsson - Drums
Bengt Bäcke - Bass
Arvid Jonsson - Vocals