Adrenaline Mob - Men Of Honor

Adrenaline Mob - Men Of Honor

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(CD, Century Media Records, 2014)

The best place for a new band to hammer its sound identity out is the stage and not the studio. I mean, great things can happen inside the studio but if there is no chemistry between the band members, then all this goes down the drain. So, watching ADRENALINE MOB before their studio recordings had been released was a real eye opener because Russell Allen, Mike Orlando and John Moyer looked and most importantly sounded like they had been playing music together for ages. Sure, having Mike Portnoy behind the drum kit was a plus, but still seeing A.J. Pero filling his spot is equally awesome (just check Pero’s CV to see what I am talking about). So, the MOB is back taking fully advantage of the all the gathered momentum for the powerful live dates and is ready to hit the stores with the brand new “Men Of Honor”, so I think we are up for a nicer treat as compared to the debut.

Yeah, I kind of spill the beans and revealed that “Men Of Honor” is better than “Omertá” something that is extremely rare with super-groups or side-projects. Usually, a bunch of already famous musicians are teaming up to make a great record but then fail to meet the expectations they set with the debut. I guess the initial excitement is gone (again the chemistry issue), so it feels like beating a dead horse and then it’s time to call it a day before even starting. This has absolutely nothing to do with ADRENALINE MOB because “Men Of Honor” feels more solid and has a clear musical direction that is nothing less than music to have tons of fun when played live. Russell Allen has taken his foot off the brakes and uses his huge singing ranging, adding a different flavor and character in every track while Mike Orlando spread his guitar influences in a wide spectrum being heavy, groovy and melodic. On top of that, the sound production has placed the bass guitar one step forward, so the entire album feels so natural that one could easily think it’s a live recorded. “Mob Is Back” kicks the door out exactly like it is a setlist opener having on the driver’s seat Mr. A.J. Pero who torments the drum-skins making it clear that you are about to be blown away. The Zakk Wylde-esque main and down-tuned riff (I am talking about the awesome vibrato) meets Russell’s in-your-face attitude and delivers a rock solid album opener that is also good for headbanging, so get ready to scream along “The Mob is back in town”. I love how “Come On Get Up” switches from sounding pissed before getting more melodic during the chorus being another strong candidate for future live shows. “Dearly Departed” is probably the best song of the tracklist as it slowly builds the tension with addictive guitar leads and rhythm-guitar-like bass chords and then lets Russell light up the fuse passing the dynamite to Pero who tops of the powerful song. This is one of those songs that you’d like to listen during a long night summer drive, keeping you the best company as you’re singing the mood-lifting lyrics.

The album has two power-ballads, “Behind These Eyes” and “Fallin' To Pieces”, but do not expect happy‑lovey-dovey songs to get those lighters in the air; I mean, there is good Hard Rock quality in them and I cannot but to repeat myself talking about the impressive singing virtues of Sir Allen who is changing performing profiles like it’s the easiest thing to do. The difference between those two songs is that the latter is heavier and closer to the US Hard Rock with a Southern finishing shining during the chorus and the guitar solo, so expect to humming the main melody after a couple of plays. Like I said, there are no restrictions in the music of ADRENALINE MOB, so get ready to headbang hard with the amazing rhythm section of “Judgment Day” and then check the lineup to see if there is some guest-singing because once again Russell has changed things.

Honestly, I didn’t expect to see ADRENALINE MOB surpassing their debut by delivering a solid album that I am sure it will work better when performed onstage. Having Pero behind the drum-kit can really spice things up for the already high-octane fueled band. Yeah, the Mob is back, so the question is: are you strong enough to join?





01. Mob Is Back
02. Come On Get Up
03. Dearly Departed
04. Behind These Eyes
05. Let It Go
06. Feel The Adrenaline
07. Men Of Honor
08. Crystal Clear
09. House Of Lies
10. Judgment Day
11. Fallin' To Pieces


Mike Orlando - Guitars
Russell Allen -   Vocals
John Moyer - Bass
A.J. Pero - Drums