Sasquatch - IV

Sasquatch - IV

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(CD, Small Stone Recordings, 2013)

There are some albums released nowadays able to instantly speak to you even when you are not actually listening to them. Such case is Los Angeles asteroid-bringers SASQUATCH’s latest effort, aptly-titled “IV”, and I’d be a fool if I didn’t acknowledge the deep impact the FU MANCHU-like “The Message” had left to my ears. But let’s grab a cold one and take things from the start.

“IV” contains nine catchy, fuzz-drenched riff-tasting tracks (yes, I just made this up), characterized by high-octane riffage, pounding drumming and dominating basslines that try and successfully avoid following the SABBATH-esque trap / Retro clichés. Take for example the mood-lifter “The Message” where Keith Gibbs’ buzzy vocals are in total balance with the thick riffs and the right on-the-money-drumming, or the compelling tunes of “Sweet Lady” that sees Gibbs, stepping on the wah-wah pedal, producing some high-quality CLUTCH-y action. Plus, tracks like the Jim-Beam-n’-coke-laden “Smoke Signal” showcases the band’s ability to combine modern Heavy tunes a la DOWN with the beloved Stoner Rock path in the vein of TRUCKFIGHTERS, SUMMONER and SUNGRAZER that SASQUATCH have been serving for almost a decade, giving birth to a very interesting LAS CRUCES-esque amalgam of groove and heaviness. And I bet you’ll enjoy as much as I did the band’s jamming Hendrix-like mood in “Me And You”.

Sure, you may think that SASQUATCH have not reinvented the wheel with “IV”, quite the opposite; they proudly wear their influences on their sleeve, producing some kickass riffs and heavy-as-f*** atmosphere that will keep you really good company, posing loud and proud among their strongest cards (albums) to date.

P.S.: I really didn’t manage to connect the dots between the album’s futuristic artwork and its music content and feel the meaning behind it. Could someone please explain it to me? Thanks.





01. The Message
02. Eye Of The Storm
03. Sweet Lady
04. Money
05. Smoke Signal
06. Wolves At My Door
07. Me And You
08. Corner
09. Drawing Flies


Jason Casanova - Bass
Rick Ferrante - Drums
Keith Gibbs - Guitars, Vocals