Sideburn - Electrify

Sideburn - Electrify

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(CD/LP, AOR Heaven, 2013)

SIDEBURN come from Switzerland and they’re following the pathway that bands like AC/DC or ROSE TATTOO have already carved. The band has recently added three new members in its ranks: Lawrence Lina and Mike Riffart on guitars and the Aussie Nick Thornton on bass. These guys along with drummer Lionel Blanc and singer Roland Pierrehumbert (who at times reminds me the great and late Guy Speranza from RIOT) form the current SIDEBURN lineup and “Electrify” is their latest creation.

In “Electrify” that is scheduled to be released on 25th of October, we find the boys performing 11 new songs crafted on the Hard Rock distillery of the simple but passionately played riffs which along with the some catchy choruses make it very pleasant to listen to, especially if you are a fan of this type of Rock 'N' Roll. Everyone in SIDEBURN is an excellent musician, so there is no musical note getting wasted and, after being combined with the shiny and at the same time dirty production, becomes appealing to wider audiences (it is not a coincidence that their track “Six Feet Under” (taken from the album “Cherry Red”) was chosen to be part of the “The Wolverine” soundtrack). Although songs like “Bite The Bullet”, “Black Powder” or “Frontline” give you the impression of being familiar, they are really well crafted and performed.

So if you are an already fan of SIDEBURN, there is no chance to get disappointed. On the other hand, new listeners like me, who love to rock with this kind of stuff, will definitely be moved and electrified!





01. Bite The Bullet
02. Devil May Care
03. Bad Boys, Bad Girls, Rock 'n' Roll
04. Black Powder
05. Frontline
06. Never Get Down
07. Mr. Clean
08. Shady Katy
09. Travellin' Man
10. Bad Reputation
11. Destination Nowhere
12. Lazy Daisy Live
13. Never Kill The Chicken (live 2012)
14. Rockstar


Roland Pierrehumbert - Lead Vocals
Lawrence Lina - Rhythm and Lead Guitars
Mikael Riffart - Rhythm and Lead Guitars
Nick Thornton - Bass
Lionel Blanc - Drums